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Rose Quartz Ema Egg 64g 45x35x35 mm;

Rose Quartz is clear quartz with a delicate rose-pink hue that ranges from very light to vivid and darker shades. It has been known and loved since ancient times: Mesopotamian Rose Quartz beads dating to 7000 BC have been discovered in multiple locations. Many regions around the world have rose quartz deposits including Brazil, Uruguay, Germany, India, South Africa, Mozambique and Madagascar. South Dakota is known for its Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz from Minas Gerais, Brazil is also typically of the highest quality. 


It is typically found in in large deposits with irregular surfaces, occurring in pegmatite and in hydrothermal veins.


With a hardness of 7 on Mohs scale, Rose Quartz is usually sold without enhancements. It can turn strawberry pink if irradiated. The small stones usually have a pale color – a more vivid hue is found in larger pieces. They range from transparent to translucent, and usually they have a cloudy/foggy aspect. The faceted Rose Quartz became popular in jewelry in the 1980s when transparent material was discovered in Madagascar. Asterism occurs relatively rarely in quartz, but it’s especially evident in rose quartz. When cut correctly and when rutile needles are found within microscopic inclusions, Rose Quartz cabochons can have chatoyancy and display a six rays star effect. 



Rose Quartz was used by the Romans in seals to mark ownership, by the Egyptians to prevent aging, and by healing practitioners in the Middle Ages. The ancients believed that rose quartz crystals were used by the Gods for maintaining and prolonging their youth and beauty. In a Greek legend, Aphrodite’s lover Adonis was attacked by Ares, the God of War, disguised as a wild boar. Aphrodite tried to save Adonis, she was pushed and fell down on the ground injured. Streams of her blood stained a clear crystal, making it forever rose-pink.


Chakra: Heart chakra
Birthstone: October
Element: Water
General Use: carry a small piece in a bag or pocket, wear it in jewelry like rings, bracelets or pendants, keep it around in your home
Crystal healing: Rose quartz boosts sensitivity and increases empathy, enables one to clearly see one's needs and the desires of others, harmonizes heart beat and stimulates sexual drive. Rose Quartz helps a person to develop self-acceptance and self-love. This is accomplished by strengthening and clearing the heart chakra. It helps remove emotional hurts from the heart, freeing it for love. People who hold or wear rose quartz feel relaxed and calm when they do so. In the area where the two people spend the most time together, place Jade and Rose Quartz in opposite corners. As a result, they will bond more quickly. The combination of Green Aventurine and Rose Quartz can help you mend a broken heart. In crisis situations, consider carrying or wearing a Rose Quartz. Consider using a Moonstone and Rose Quartz combination to resolve issues relating to friendship, or Rose Quartz and Leopard Jasper to resolve guilt issues. Hematite and Rose Quartz can help you overcome neglect.
Ayurveda: Known as a self-esteem and worth-enhancing stone, Rose Quartz is especially helpful to women. It reduces stress related to fertility and is an ideal crystal for women during pregnancy and for new moms. In the case of excessive vata dosha, rose quartz can provide a means of restoring balance. A rose quartz crystal's warm color and gentle energy can help with a variety of vata ailments, including nervousness, dry skin, constipation, intestinal gas, and lower back pain.
Feng Shui: You can use it to attract new soulmates for a relationship or to strengthen existing relationships. Although its healing vibration can be felt in any sector, it is particularly beneficial for the Love & Marriage sector of the Bagua map, and the Family & Ancestors sector, as these sectors emphasize family and partner interactions.Bedrooms are perfect places to display crystal collections, especially pink crystals. It vibrates at a very high astral frequency and is thought to raise the vibration of the user, so they can attract the one for their highest good. A rose quartz sphere, heart-shaped stone, or an animal pair style stone are ideal for this sector. Stabilize a relationship by placing it at the back right corner of the bedroom (relative to the doorway). Heart Qi is strengthened by rose quartz and rhodonite. Rhodonite, due to its warming nature, is more yang than yin. There is a stronger connection between rose quartz and the Blood than with rhodonite.
Ancient traditions: For centuries, rose quartz has been revered as the stone of love, the stone of the heart. In Greek and Roman mythology, rose quartz was brought to Earth by the gods of love to give people the power of love and reconciliation.
Reiki: Using crystal balls that he had charged with Reiki, Dr. Usui gave Reiki treatments to his patients and sent them home with them after treatment. This seemingly took a lot of inspiration from Fukû Kensaku Kannon and was incorporated into his Reiki System. This procedure can be done with crystals such as rose quartz (for matters pertaining to the heart). For clearing the heart chakra, you can use emerald, kunzite, green jade, rose quartz and pink tourmaline. You can use these stones while performing Reiki for as long as you like, and if you like aromatherapy, use Rose essence. Placing three crystal quartz and three rose quartz stones around the salt lamp yields many benefits.
Indian culture: To activate the higher heart chakra, Kundalini traditional teachings suggest placing rose quartz, danburite, or tugtupite crystals over the area.
Pagan beliefs: This stone works particularly well for distance healing. Crystals are powerful tools for clearing. Quartz, rose quartz, citrine, tourmaline, and amethyst can be used to assist a given item to release negative energy. To attract love, carry honeysuckle, mistletoe, lemon balm, dragon's blood, rose quartz, and carnelian in a pink or green bag. A love spell involves rose quartz circles or pentagrams. A magic spell to strengthen marriages includes candles surrounded by rose quartz, jade, and carnelian.