The opalescent Moonstone can appear colorless or in a variety of hues, including peach, pink, green, gray, yellow, brown, and blue. Moonstone is well known for its pearly adularescence, and it has a variable clarity from transparent or opaque. Moonstones are generally valued higher when they are transparent, colorless, and display adularescence in a deep blue color. In the past, the best Moonstones have originated from Burma, however Myanmar deposits have been emptied. India and Sri Lanka provide the markets with the most valuable moonstones today. Moonstone can also be found in several other areas, including Armenia, Australia, Madagascar, Norway, Poland or Austrian Alps.

Moonstone is a sacred stone in India. It is also Florida’s state gem, however Moonstone is not naturally found on its territory: it was selected in 1970 to commemorate the Moon landing space mission that took off from Kennedy Space Center. 


Moonstone is a type of orthoclase feldspar. Usually orthoclase occurs in plutonic igneous rocks that cooled at high rates and medium depth, such as granites. In the cooling process, sodium feldspar separates from potassium feldspar forming thin albite layers in a crystal of microcline or orthoclase. 


Moonstone has a Mohs hardness of 6 to 6.5. Light is diffracted by orthoclase and albite alternating layers within the gem, causing adularescence to occur. The result is a blue-to-white, cloud-like light visible inside the gem. If the albite crystals are very fine, they produce a blue sheen. Albite plates with a thick sheen will have a white sheen. It is not uncommon to find moonstones with green, gold or multicolor sheens (called rainbow moonstones).


Ancient Romans believed that lunar rays were trapped inside Moonstone. Moonstone was considered sacred in Indian culture for a very long time, holding a special meaning for lovers or estranged lovers. It was believed that Moonstone could allow them see their future together on Full Moon nights. It was also trusted with protection of travelers, particularly at night or when traveling by sea.

A mythological tale from Asia claims that the most beautiful blue Moonstones are brought to earth by tides once every 21 years.

Symbolism: Love, Divination, Psychic abilities, Sleep, Gardening, Protection,
Youth, Love, dreams.

Element: Wind

Moonstone has long been associated with goddesses of the Moon.  Moonstones are believed to draw love and also to settle conflicts between lovers, especially those who have argued bitterly. 

 Additionally, moonstone offers gentle protective energy and is an excellent charm for travelers. It is customary to take along when you travel far from home, especially when traveling by water. It is considered the perfect gift for friends and family members who are sailing on cruises, whether as a hobby or as part of their profession. Rings made from moonstones are considered good to wear while swimming.

Moonstone is associated with gardening, just as malachite and jade are. You can wear a moonstone when planting or watering your garden, or you can bury a small moonstone to visualize fertility bursting throughout the garden. A moonstone can be tied or attached to a tree limb to encourage abundant fruiting.

The stone is often worn as a bedside ornament because its associations with the Moon ensure restful sleep.

Moonstones are considered beneficial for weight loss in various cultures.

In Pagan traditions, moonstone beads or pendants are worn during divinatory acts. Silver and moonstones are commonly used in witchcraft ritual jewelry. An enchanting lunar wand can be made from silver tubing topped with a large moonstone. It is used in magical rituals. Being so intimately associated with the Moon, many use it according to the lunar phases. There is a popular belief that it is more potent during a waxing Moon and less so during a waning Moon. Others, however, use this stone for divination during the Moon's waning. 

Many psychics use moonstones alongside their tarot cards or rune stones to amplify their abilities. A quartz crystal ball is also encircled with moonstones prior to scrying. 

Moonstone is said to enhance a youthful appearance and attitude when worn or incorporated into rituals. 

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