Fluorite, also known as Crimson Night Stone or Fluorspar, is the mineral of calcium fluoride. Carlo Antonio Galeani Napione named it fluere Meaning “to flow” in 1797. Fluorites have a specific semitransparent aspect in a wide range of colors: blue, green, yellow, champagne, brown, purple, lilac. Some of them are almost colorless. Fluorite has been extracted mostly from South Africa, China and Mexico, however it can be found in several other places like Russia, Spain, Canada, Namibia or Mongolia. The largest fluorite single crystal ever found was a cube of over 2m in size and a weight of 16 tones.


Fluorites have been formed by hydrothermal activity in igneous rocks, especially in granitic pegmatites or limestones. It is often associated with quartz and calcite.


Fluorite is often used for production of optical lenses, based on its optical properties. It is a popular ornamental material, and also commonly used in metallurgy, ceramics and glass industry. Fluorites glow under UV light, and the word fluorescence comes from Fluorite stones. It is a stone with isometric crystal system, a vitreous luster, white streak, a hardness of only 4 and a perfect cleavage. Strontium and rare earth elements such as yttrium and cerium are frequently used in Fluorite element replacement for the calcium cation.

Symbolism: Clarity, intellectual abilities.

Element: wind.

Many properties of this stone are still unknown, as its influences are just being discovered. A variety of stones can be strengthened by fluorite. The benefits of fluorite seem to be related to the conscious mind. It is considered helpful for reducing emotional involvement in a situation so that you can gain a more accurate perspective. It is said to strengthen the user's ability to theorize and assimilate. Fluorite's ability to affect the conscious mind and to calm anger, depression, and desperation is thought to help alleviate strong emotions and achieve a smoother way of thinking. 

Green Fluorite is considered good for creativity, to boost emotions and moods and support detoxification. It is a good stone to be worn by those with arthritis, rheumatism, or dealing with fungal infections.

Purple Fluorite has traditionally been associated with freedom and self-discipline; emotional stability, inner peace, and recommended to be worn by people dealing with learning and concentrating disorders, memory problems, and being overweight from wrong eating habits.

Yellow Fluorite is a stone traditionally associated with perception, learning, and understanding, and wearers are traditionally advised to wear it if they struggle to assimilate information or experiences, are dealing with stomach problems, or need to strengthen bones and joints.

Blue Fluorite is traditionally associated with justice. It is thought to be recommended to be carried by people who aim to aid sense of justice, or by people with problems with coughing and hoarseness or posture damage.

Multicolored fluorite is universally associated with freedom of thought, flexibility, variety, vitality and innovation. The traditional belief is that it should be worn by those with issues related to the skin, bones, teeth, and joints. 


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