Aquamarine means sea water in Latin. According to ancient legend, it calmed waves and helped sailors stay safe at sea. In aquamarine, there are few or no inclusions, but salt water can be present. Aquamarine forms large crystals, making it a good material for gems and carvings. High-quality gems are clear and transparent with bluish-green hues. It can range from a very light blue all the way up to a very saturated Ocean blue, the best of which is known as Santa Maria Blue. A very nice dark blue Aquamarine was found in Madagascar which has been named Double Blue.

Aquamarine is found in India, China, Pakistan, the United States, Mozambique, Madagascar, Zambia, Tanzania, Malawi, India, Zimbabwe, Australia, Myanmar, and Namibia. Several aquamarine deposits are located in Minas Gerais. Only the toughest people venture up Mount Antero in the Rocky Mountains, which is known for its gem quality aquamarine deposits and tempestuous winds, ice storms, and cold temperatures. 


As magma under the earth crust interacts with minerals rich rocks known as pegmatites, they become heated and then form gemstones. A pegamite is a rock formed during the final stages of magma crystallization. Pegmatites are almost always where aquamarines are found.  

A beryl deposit used to be one of the few significant sources of beryllium metal in the world. Beryllium is extremely expensive to extract, however. Today, gemstones mining produces small amounts of beryl as by-products.


Aquamarine is a mineral composed of Beryllium, Aluminum Silicate, and is a mineral in the family of Beryl. It is possible to find aquamarine crystals that are large and completely transparent. Aquamarines are often formed into flawless crystals, which can create beautiful jewelry and works of art. Stones can be heated to a very high temperature, which gives them their stunning sky blue color. Almost all gemstones have been heated.

Aquamarine has a 7.5 harness on Mohs scale, and it is considered exceptionally hard compared to most gems.


It was said in ancient mythology that aquamarine was the treasure of the mermaids, and sailors used the stone as a talisman in order to bring good fortune to their crews sailing open waters. It was also considered a symbol of protection and fearlessness.

Aquamarine beads were found in mummy pits of ancient Egypt.

Symbolism:  it is considered among many that the stone can bring happiness and protection to anyone who travels by or near water.

Element: Water

It is traditionally considered the gift for 19th anniversary.

Like amethyst, aquamarine is thought to relieve emotional distress and restore peace, joy, and happiness to relationships. Traditionally, aquamarine crystals are thought to aid in healthy emotional healing through their ability to calm tempers and combat conflict. The stones are also believed to aid in stress relief, the healing of suppressed emotions and bringing peace. Wearing aquamarine jewelry has been thought to facilitate clear thinking as well as peace of mind through rough times.  

In the tradition of Sea Witches, aquamarine is cleansed in ocean water by the light of the Full Moon or, if a sea witch lives further inland, they fill a blue vessel with water, add sea salt, and leave the stones there overnight.
Authentic ayurvedic beliefs claim that aquamarine promotes happiness and intelligence, enhances the power of speech, and improves memory. It is also considered that wearing aquamarine on a little finger in silver setting can enhance your relationship with the spouse.

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